BE 1st - 2nd Semester (All Subject)

IT / EC / EE / EX CS / ME / CE / EI
101 Chemistry 201 Physics
102 M1 202 EEES
103 CS 203 BME
104 BEEE 204 BCEM
105 ED 205 BCE

BE 3rd to 8th Semester (All Subject)

301 M2 M2 M2 M2 M2 M2
302 Disc. Struc. CSO TPT PP EEM EMT
303 DCS (oops) EI SOM Electrical Inst. Electrical Inst. LANGUAGE
304 EDC Elec-Device E.Geology Thermodynamics SDC ADC-1
305 Data Structure NA BDD MOD NA NA
401 M3 M3 M3 M3 M3 M3
402 CSO EMT Concrete Tech. MCM EMT EEM
403 OOT (DBMS) DE (Digital) Surveying TOM Power Syst. DEL-1
404 ADA EC (Elec. Cir.) CNT TEGD Electric MC-1 Electrical MD-1
405 ADC AC FM-1 FM AD Comm. Electronics Cir-2
501 DC (Data Comm.) VDC Transport Engg. EMC ELC Mach-2 Utilisation
502 OS (ISM) Control system Ad. Surveying Turbo Mach Elec. Ins Micro-Proc.
503 DBMS (CN) DC (Digital) FM-2 MMC Signal Sys. Electric MD-2
504 CGM (SPOS) Micro-Proc. RCC-1 MCD Design Power Sys.
505 TOC (JAVA Prog.) CNTL DOS-1 DOM Management Power Sys. -1
601 MPI (Dis. Sys.) Industrial DOS-2 Operation Mag Micro-Proc. Comm. Engg
602 PPL (CGL) Cellular Mob Water resources Power plant Engg Elec. Power. GEN Control Sys.
603 SPEM (INNM) DSP Enviromental-1 MC & CNC Ele. MD Switch Gear
604 CN (WT) Antenna Geo-Tech 1 IC Engine Power Elec Elec. Inst.
605 ACA (ACPM) VLSI SDD-1 (Steel-1) HMT Energy Conv. Energy Conv.
701 CD (OOT) Elective-1 HSD Elective-1 Power Syst. Power Syst.-2
702 Digital Sys. (WMC) Satellite Comm. RCC-2 Elective-2 Utilisation Elec Electrical Drives
703 Cloud computing Optical Comm. Enviromental-2 Mechanical Vibr. Electrical Drives DSP
704 IS Management MICROWAVE Engg. QSC Automobile Engg. Major Project Elective-1
705 Elective-1 VLSI Elective 1 OR & Supply Chain Industrial Trans Elecative-2
801 Software Comp. Advance Comm. Sys. Geo. Tech.-2 Elective-3 Power Syst. Comp. Aided MD
802 Web Engg. (soft comp) CMOS circuit CPM MD Power Syst. Protect Electrical Drives
803 Major Proj. (Elc-3) Nano Elec SDD-2 (Steel-2) RAC Elective-3 Elective-3
804 Self Study (Elec-4) Elective-3 Elective-2 CAD/CAM/CIM Elective-4 Elective-4
805 Seminar (major proj-2) Major proj Major Proj Major Proj Major Proj Major Proj